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Lyrid Raises $1.1m In Seed To Bring Cloud-Agnostic Technologies To Masses

Titan Angels II’s newest investment in Lyrid has just been announced. Here’s a snippet:

Lyrid announced a $1.1 million seed round led by a diverse set of notable venture capital with participation such as Plug and Play Ventures, GoAhead Ventures, Titan Angels, and ExpertDojo. The funding will help Lyrid introduce new auto-scaling managed Lyrid Kubernetes clusters on multiple cloud-hosted operators, automated updates, and consistent cluster and application monitoring. 

John Bradley Jackson, the fund manager for Titan Angels II had this to say about Lyrid:

Titan Angels II LLC is proud to announce an investment in Lyrid (, an innovative provider of a multi-cloud infrastructure platform. Lyrid is unique in that it is a “born global” company with a talented group of executives and technologists located all over the world. This global mindset has greatly accelerated their revenue stream while allowing them to provide greater value to their customers. Titan Angels II LLC forecasts a very bright future for Lyrid.

John Bradley Jackson, Fund Manager